Jan 21, 2024

The Pink Stuff Scrubber Kit transformed my white sneakers

I've had my trusty white Converse sneakers for nearly a decade now. And during that time, I've worn them while traveling through multiple continents and to plenty of concerts and crowded bars. All that's to say, they've gotten pretty worn down and dirty through the years.

Despite having been washed a handful of times, the stains had reached a point where I thought it might be time to part ways with my beloved shoes and replace them with a new pair. But when I saw that the creator of one of my favorite cleaning products, The Pink Stuff, came out with a scrubber kit that featured a brush for sneakers, I decided to try it as a last-ditch effort. And I was amazed by the results.

I tried the kit earlier this year, but it sold out on Amazon soon after and wasn't available for months. And when it did finally restock, it went out of stock almost immediately after. It's finally available again, so I suggest grabbing it ASAP!

The scrubber kit comes with two tubs of The Pink Stuff and an electric scrubber with four interchangeable brush heads. If the name of the product rings a bell, it's likely because you've seen it pop up on your TikTok page. It's arguably one of the app's most famous cleaning products, with more than 720 million views. It's also Amazon's No. 1 bestselling multipurpose cleaner, with shoppers saying it can be used to clean everything from car scratches to dirty pans. I instantly fell in love with the product the first time I tried it last year, and have been using it regularly in my cleaning routine ever since.

While I had previously used the paste on these sneakers and had seen decent results, having the tools in this kit made the process so much easier — and the shoes ended up looking much cleaner, too!

For sneakers, the brand recommends using the largest of the four brushes in the kit. So I secured that one to the top of the scrubbing tool base, added the batteries (four AAs, which are included in the kit) and got to work.

To start, I removed the laces so I could clean those separately and have easier access to the shoe tongue. I scooped up a heavy dollop of the paste, flipped the power switch to turn on the brush and started working my way around the shoe. I slowly moved the brush across the material to ensure an even coating, letting the brush work on the areas with the biggest stains for the longest periods of time.

When I had tried cleaning my sneakers with The Pink Stuff before, I just used a coarse sponge (most people who I've seen using the paste to clean their shoes use a toothbrush, but I didn't have a spare one handy). That method required a fair amount of scrubbing, and by the end, my arms were a little sore. So, I loved how the electric brush did all the work for me, saving me some time and elbow grease.

I let the product sit for a few minutes, then rinsed the shoes with water and went back around with the brush, letting it scrub each area and rinsing again to make sure to get all the product out. Then, I set them outside to dry in the sun and voila! They had been transformed. The soles were practically sparkling white and the material appeared brighter. Some stains didn't disappear entirely, but they had significantly faded.

As for the laces, the brush is an awkward size to use on them, so I used my hands instead. I put on gloves, scooped a dab of The Pink stuff and rubbed the laces back and forth between my fingers before rinsing and rubbing again. It worked just as easily.

Fair warning: The cleaning process can get a little messy — if you're not pressing down hard enough with the brush or if you put too much product on, there's a chance it can splatter. Though, cleanup was easy afterward (and my sink got a much-needed clean when I wiped up the splattered bits).

All in all, not including the drying portion (which took a few days), the whole process took less than 30 minutes total and saved me from having to spend money on a new pair of sneakers. And now I know the next time that I get my feet trampled on a crowded dance floor or take a walk through a muddy patch at the park, there's an easy way to make them sparkle again.

All of the brush heads in the kit are made to help with specific cleaning tasks. Along with shoes, the brand recommends using the largest brush on ovens. There's a soft brush head for delicate surfaces and glass and the medium-sized brush is said to be great for grouting, plug holes, shower heads and the like. I used the latter on the grouting in my shower and was impressed by how easily it removed the dirt that was stuck in the lines. While I haven't tried the other two yet, I'm interested to see how the cone head works on the tight corners of my bathroom.

I also appreciated how the kit came with everything you need to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, but if you don't think that you need all the various brushes, you can also purchase a tub of The Pink Stuff and this top-rated scrubbing brush, which reviewers say works on shoes (as well as grout, tile and more).

And in case you're looking for other solutions for your sneakers, we're highlighting a handful of other top-rated and bestselling shoe cleaners, below.

Emma Stessman is an Associate Editor for Shop TODAY.