Aug 23, 2023

Crep Shoe Protector Spray review — TODAY

One thing everyone knows about me — I'm a big fan of scary movies. I'm also a self-proclaimed pop culture savant. So, I'm not kidding when I say that my "Jaws"-themed Sperry canvas sneakers bring me joy from both a comfort and fashion perspective. They are the pair I like so much that I want to wear them everywhere, but they are also the pair I never wear for fear that I will bumble my way into a muddy puddle or skip my way through a mound of dirt and completely ruin them.

As an extraordinarily sad result, these shark-inspired shoes mostly stay tucked away in the dark depths of my closet, rather than adding a unique flair to my spring and summer outfits. But this season, I decided to do something about it and find something that would help me give my favorite sneaks a chance to (safely) shine. Recently, I gave the Crep Protect Shoe Protector Spray a whirl, and I am pleased to report that I reeled in quite the catch. (Did I mention I also have a thing for puns?)

The Crep spray (Amazon's No. 1 bestseller in shoe protective treatments) is designed to fend off moisture, dirt, and other stain-attracting substances from touching your favorite pairs of shoes. According to the brand, the formula works on multiple materials, including leather, suede, nubuck and, thankfully, canvas.

According to the instructions, the application process is simple: Just shake, point, and spray. Then, wait 10 minutes and repeat. Wait another 10 minutes for it to dry, and voila! You should have essentially created an invisible force field around your shoes. (While these steps are simple, they are also pretty difficult to read on the can. Even with my glasses on, I ended up having to take a picture of the directions just so I could zoom in on the photo to read them.)

The directions also specifically say to spray in a "well-ventilated area," which is a step I strongly recommend following. The formula's odor is on the stronger side and might be a little overwhelming for those who are sensitive to smell.

A big selling point for this spray is that it's designed to cover shoes with a hydrophobic coating, making them completely waterproof. So, after the second coat of Crep was applied and dried, I decided to put my sneakers to the test by running them under a steady stream of water from my bathroom sink. I audibly gasped as I watched the running water roll right off of them. Instead of creating a massive wet stain (which would normally result in uncomfortably soggy and squelchy shoes), the liquid just seemed to slide off the fabric.

During my household test, I noticed a few damp spots on one of my shoes where I could have done a better job in applying the spray. But that's more my fault than the spray's, as well as a cautionary tale for others. Make sure you spray the shoe protectant evenly during the application process!

The protectant seems to be super strong, but the brand still suggests reapplying the spray every four to five weeks to help maintain its effectiveness.

And if you're worried about how this spray might affect the fabric of your shoes, fret not. Post application, my canvas sneakers looked and felt just as soft and fabric-y as they did pre-spray. Except now, they're ready to take on any weather conditions.