May 08, 2023

The Best Shoe and Boot Brushes

Why buy a shoe and boot brush?

If you’re tired of wearing shoes that have seen better days, a shoe or boot brush is what you need. Whether you engage in routine cleanings or accidentally scuff your shoes while wearing them, a shoe or boot brush is a must-have.

What should you consider when shopping for a shoe and boot brush?

How often should you clean your shoes with a shoe or boot brush?

If you view footwear as an investment, you should clean them regularly, at least every two weeks. Of course, this depends on how often you wear your sneakers, boots, or suede pair of shoes. If you tend to wear your sneaks daily, you’re most likely going to clean them more often than in two weeks. For boots or shoes, you’d take out on special occasions, you could shoot for at least once a month. Just keep in mind the more often you clean them, the less time it will probably take.

This is a serious mountable boot cleaner that's ideal for commercial use.

$21.99 $29.99 Save 27%

Pros: We’re the first to admit this might not be a practical buy for the average household. But if you’re very serious about preserving and extending the life of your footwear, this mountable boot cleaner can be a good idea. This is especially ideal for getting muck and grime off your shoes when coming in from bad weather—so consider installing it in your mudroom or entryway. It's made from maple wood and can be placed indoors or outside.

Cons: The oversized design might feel overwhelming or unnecessary for some people.

Bottom Line: If you need a deep clean, this is the boot brush you need. Mount it on the floor for a sturdy and stable experience that will leave your boots looking spotless.

This is the perfect selection for work boots or shoes that doesn't have to be mounted.


Pros: If you like the idea of a boot cleaner you can use without removing your shoes but don't want the issue of mounting it, this is a great alternative. The oversized design makes it ideal for cleaning a wide array of shoe styles—including construction or work boots. It's made from a combination of plastic and steel for durability. More importantly, this is rated safe for all weather and temperatures.

Cons: While effective, the utilitarian design may not appeal to everyone.

Bottom Line: Avoid tracking dirt and grime into interior locations with this self-stabilizing boot scrubber. Rain or shine, your shoes will get the proper cleaning they need with this durable scrubber.

This low-profile boot scraper is perfect for placing right in front of entryways.


$28.99$31.99 Save 9%

Pros: Stop tracking dirt and whatever else into your commercial spaces with this low-profile boot scraper. The flatter design ensures that a wider range of footwear is compatible with this pick. Place it at the back entryway of your home if you also garden. You’ll like that this pick is rated durable up to 250 pounds of direct pressure and can accommodate shoe sizes as large as 13.

Cons: Although this pick will get the bottoms of your shoes clean, it's not as effective at cleaning the sides or tops.

Bottom Line: When you need a low-profile cleaner that gets the majority of gunk off the soles of your shoes, this is a solid choice. Its simple design makes it versatile to place outdoors or inside.

Keep it simple and classy with this more-methodical shoe-cleaning by hand.


Pros: If the other picks in our roundup were too industrial, you’ll like this more traditional option—a handheld horsehair shoe brush. The simple concave design is easy to manage in your hand with a handle made from beech wood. Choose from three colors and enjoy how the bristles not only remove dirt but aid in lifting the fibers to refresh your shoes, so they look like new.

Cons: Given its made with horse hair, this isn't a good fit for vegans.

Bottom Line: For a high-quality and luxe feel, this wooden shoe brush makes it easy to buff and clean your shoes. It's handcrafted to fit everyone's hands, so you can polish and restore the luster of your favorite shoes in no time.

This is a great dual-sided suede shoe cleaner brush that comes with a built-in eraser as well as a soft-bristle side.


Pros: If you have suede shoes, there's no question that you need this dual-sided brush. One side features an eraser sponge which works to remove dry stains. Meanwhile, the other side comes with traditional bristles that work to remove crumbs and lift the fibers, so they look like new. You don't need any water to use the eraser—ensuring that you won't damage your suede or nubuck shoes. Plus, this pick can also be used on sneakers.

Cons: Most people agree that using the eraser side to remove stains or dirt can require quite a bit of elbow grease.

Bottom Line: Don't walk around in suede shoes that have seen better days. This affordable two-in-one suede brush is a must-have and can be easily taken on the go.

People pay attention to footwear—and the last thing you want is for dirty shoes to do the talking for you. Whether you need to clean a ridiculous amount of gunk off your shoes or simply need to give them a good shine, these are the shoe and boot brushes that you need.

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