Apr 15, 2023

Ranking The Best World Tour Equipment In Street Fighter 6

Here are the ten best pieces of Equipment you can get for your Avatar in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode!

World Tour has lots to see and do, making it the most ambitious thing in Street Fighter 6. It allows you to create your Avatar, travel around the world, and train with your favorite characters to learn their moves, strengthen your bonds, and become a legendary fighter.

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Whether you're here to enjoy the story or give Gifts to Chun-Li, you will constantly interact with your Avatar's Equipment to squeeze the most potential you possibly can out of their performance in encounters and keep them looking stylish and phenomenal in the process.

In the early goings of your adventure, your Shoe options will be sorely lacking, leaving you with these babies... the Training Shoes, a Common Equipment for your Avatar.

Now, while these aren't even remotely close to the best, they do more than work for the game's early goings, giving you +10 to your Kick Strength and +4 to your Defense.

Another early-going piece of Equipment that will come in clutch is the Cheery Beanie, a Rare Equipment for your head that offers a devastating +21 Punch Strength and +8 for your Defense.

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Is it going to blow you away? No. But it will help you out tremendously in the first few chapters of World Tour, making it one of the best starting Equipment you can get your hands on.

The Miniskirt is next in line and is yet another Rare piece of Equipment. This time it's for your legs, offering a whopping +38 to your Defense.

Despite not offering any bonus damage or skills, the Miniskirt's excellent Defense boost will keep you in fights a bit longer than usual, making it a must-have for the first several chapters of World Tour.

One of the best early-game options is the Thigh High Socks - Bordered, another Rare Equipment that serves as your accessory in World Tour mode.

Instead of offering Defense or attack-focused boosts, these will grant you the Focus I Trait, giving you a Small Boost to your Drive Gauge Regen Rate. You will gain access to your Drive Gauge early on, so having these will work wonders.

Our last beginner-focused entry is the Blanka-chan Costume, which grants you many stat boosts, such as +40 Punch Strength, +40 Kick Strength, +20 Unique Attack Strength, and a staggering +110 Defense.

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Not only that, but this Legendary Equipment also grants you the High Voltage Trait, giving you a Medium Boost to your Super Art Gauge Gain if your Vitality is at least 70 percent or greater. This is by far the best piece of Equipment you can grab early on in World Tour.

Kicking off our top five are the Basketball Shoes, our first Ultra Equipment option for the feet, providing us with a substantial +60 Kick Strength with a +20 Defense to go along with it.

Its lack of a Trait places it firmly at the 'bottom' of the top five, but they still remain your best go-to option for Shoes that will provide you with excellent stat buffs even if the asking price is through the roof.

The Full Face Helmet, our first Ultra Equipment of the bunch with a Trait, granting us a whopping +67 Punch Strength and +27 Defense, along with the Peak Performance Trait, giving you a Medium Boost to your Outgoing Damage if your Vitality is at 70 percent or greater.

This helmet won't be available until you've reached the back half of the World Tour mode, and it will cost you quite a pretty penny to acquire, but it's well worth its asking price and then some.

Despite the Officer's Watch not offering anything massive in terms of stat boosts or Defense, its Quick Draw Trait makes it one of the best Ultra Accessories you can get your hands on in World Tour mode.

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Quick Draw grants you a Large Boost to your Outgoing Damage if you successfully land the first strike in an encounter. However, if your opponent lands the first blow, they will receive the buff instead. While there is a tremendous risk attached to this Watch, the pros significantly outweigh its cons.

Our penultimate Equipment is the Ultra Fighter's Sweatpants. While it offers zero Traits or other buffs, the sheer amount of Defense it provides makes it more than worth its expensive price tag.

These pair of Sweatpants will grant you an immense +106 to your Defense, making them the end-all, be-all solution, especially if you plan to take your Avatar online or do the more complicated challenges in Metro City.

Finally, the best piece of Equipment you can obtain for your Avatar is the Fighter's Hoody which will reward you with a massive +104 Defense along with yet another Peak Performance Trait, making it a must-have for late to end-game activities in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.

Like all the others, this becomes available when you gain access to Merchant Mello's Shop late into the World Tour mode and will cost a sizeable amount of your Zenny to obtain, but it will be worth every penny of it!

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