Oct 31, 2023

Lori Harvey Gives Modern "Charlie's Angels" Vibes in a Leather Jacket and Baggy Pants

Fabulous outfits are Lori Harvey's specialty (along with running a skincare brand and having a successful modeling career, but we digress). Whether she's attending a Cannes Film Festival premiere in a formal gown or relaxing on the beach with her BF, you know she'll show up with a cute AF fit.

The model and influencer was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles, once again proving that her ~fashion chops~ are strong, while sporting a biker outfit that gave off major Charlie's Angel vibes. Lori revived the rebellious biker chick aesthetic that the iconic 2000s movie popularized with a 2023 twist, swapping the Angel's signature leather skinny jeans for baggy, low-rise parachute pants. She wore a black cropped T-shirt, and of course, finished off the outfit with a fitted leather jacket.

Lori sported her usual '90s rectangular sunglasses in a jet black shade that matched her sleek, short hair, and chunky black slip-on shoes that peeked out from under her oversized pants.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber (the couple is good friends with Lori, ICYMI) were also there. Hailey looked like she coordinated her outfit with Lori, as she was wearing a long black leather trench coat and baggy black jeans with a cropped grey T-shirt. Justin wore a similar grey shirt with baggy khakis, white slippers, and a backwards baseball cap.

The two models have been spotted hanging out together multiple times this year, grabbing coffee and walking around Los Angeles and chatting. Hailey attended Lori's 26th birthday party back in January, too. Maybe next time we can tag along @ Lori and the Biebers?!

If your style vibe is like Hailey's and Lori's tough looks, keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite edgy pieces to rev things up this summer.

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