Aug 01, 2023

I Used This $6 TikTok Trick to Whiten My Dingiest Pair of Sneakers — and It Actually Worked

If I had to narrow down my shoe collection to just one pair, I'd easily settle for white sneakers. It wouldn't even matter if they were slip-on or lace-up — I've found they go with everything, from winter outfits to summer ones, whether I'm wearing jeans or formalwear. Even my celebrity fashion icons know the power of a sleek, white sneaker.

However, what tends to kind of ruin things is the fact that white sneakers, as versatile as they are, are hard to keep, well, white. Dirt, puddles, and colorful drinks threaten to stain them on a daily basis, and I can't tell you how many time I've been caught mid-rain-storm, wondering how the heck I'll be able to save my once-clean canvas pair.

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Thankfully, I came across a $6 TikTok trick that changed my life. If you've been struggling to clean a white pair of sneakers, you might want to pick up KIWI Sport Shoe Whitener, which is sold at Target as well as Amazon.

Technically, this product is a "whitening agent," which will work to restore your sneakers back to their original color. It's meant to be used after an initial cleaning, meaning you should wipe your shoes down first or quickly throw them in the washing machine. Then, you simply use the applicator to scrub, and a paint-like foam substance will appear to work its magic.

It's so easy to use that it sounds too good to be true. But, with some downtime on my hands, I gave it a go (without that initial wash, oops) and was pleasantly surprised. Here's an actual before and after.

Sam Sutton

If you're unwilling shell out extra dough, or you're unable to get to the store, Reebok also has a handy video on how to bring white sneakers back to life — and all it requires are a few household items. Take a look at the simple steps, ahead, along with the easy-to-follow clip where you can see it in action.

Fill a bowl up with water

Sprinkle in some baking soda

Squeeze a few drops of dish soap into the bowl

Add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture

Mix the ingredients together with a toothbrush

Use the dampened toothbrush to begin scrubbing the upper leather portion

Don't forget to scrub the tongue, too.

Wipe the upper leather part and tongue down with a paper towel.

Squeeze nail polish remover on to a cotton ball

Scrub the rubbery midsole with the wet cotton ball

Remove any piling with a disposable razor

Throw laces into the washing machine

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