Jul 20, 2023

How the Full Moon in Sagittarius of June 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Expansion and spiritual enlightenment are some of Jupiter's most prized possessions, and luckily for us, the king of the gods always comes bearing gifts! If you’re curious about how the full moon in Sagittarius of June 2023 will affect each zodiac sign, it is best to keep an open mind.

After all, while the moon glimmers brightly through this eternally optimistic fire sign, it will sit in direct opposition of the sun in fact-checking Gemini. Where do these mutable signs reside in your birth chart? Savvy Mercury and benevolent Jupiter are both key players in this lunation, but tempering the contradicting synergy of Gemini-Sagittarius is where we regain balance. Also known as the astrological axis of knowledge, Gemini's instinct to gather information firsthand is equivalent to Sagittarius’ broad perspective, and universal POV. Polar opposites indeed, but one cannot exist without the other.

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As you may remember, the sun sits across from the moon during the full moon phase. The sun is a representation of the ego and our physical identity, while the moon represents our innermost feelings and emotional foundation. When these ever-glowing luminaries are in direct opposition to one another, there is an "imbalance" between our feminine (moon) and masculine (sun) energies. This is partly why this lunar phase is so climactic, as it is a symbol of completion. The moon's brightness is what illuminates what's been hidden from our conscious mind which, in turn, serves as a full-circle moment. For reference, think back to the new moon in Sagittarius that took place in November 2022. Where were you mentally and spiritually? Were you seeking some sort of wisdom, or perhaps pondering about the future? The possibilities are endless in the eyes of the archer.

The full moon in Sagittarius takes place on June 3 at 11:42 p.m. ET.

On June 3 as of 11:42 p.m. ET, the moon will peak at exactly 13 degrees of adventurous Sagittarius, so expect revelations! (Although, that would be putting it lightly when considering the astrological aspects at play..) With Sagittarius’ planetary ruler, Jupiter, officially transiting the security-seeking sign of Taurus, there is greater emphasis on our values and sense of self-worth. Moreover, the sun will be cruising through the same degrees as Mars retrograde in Gemini 2022, adding another layer of information to consider but we’ve come a long way since this perplexing retrograde cycle, and Jupiter in Taurus is simultaneously reminding us of what we’re capable of creating, experiencing and manifesting in this lifetime. Jupiter will also harmonize with Saturn, which continues to shed light on what you’re building, as well as what you’re ready to surrender, in order to create the life you seek.

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BTW, if you’re secretly hoping for a lightbulb moment, just wait! Mercury will be in close proximity to change-maker Uranus, which could bring sudden and unexpected news. And with both of these planets transiting Taurus, chances are this revelation revolves around our finances and/or sense of security. For reference, check where Taurus lives in your birth chart, as there is a stellium of energies shaking things up as we speak. On a more exhilarating note, the full moon will form an energizing trine to Mars in Leo, and this could supercharge you with confidence, enthusiasm and creative inspiration. Are you ready to pursue your ultimate goals and dreams? This lunation says you have the energy, determination, and faith to make it happen.

If your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs, the upcoming full moon will be surprisingly validating. Here's why:

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