Sep 01, 2023

Best Father's Day Gift Guide Ideas For A Gamer Dad

Be prepared for Father's Day by grabbing these gifts, perfect for the gaming dad.

Father's Day tends to sneak up on you, especially if your dad is low-key. With the anxiety of forgetting the day and date or the frustration that comes with not knowing what your rad dad deserves as a celebration for just being awesome, you'll end up not knowing what Father's Day gift to give them.

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There's only one solution, to check out the perfect Father's Day gift guide for the gamer dad to help celebrate their special day. From practical to just plain fun, these are the best Father's Day gifts you can give your old man that'll have him feeling like a kid again.

Don't choose for Dad; let him choose himself. With a gift card, you really can't go wrong. With summer sales and thousands of games in the library, a Steam gift card will let your father get all the games on his wishlist. Whether playing at home or on the go using the Steam Deck, he will appreciate the variety available.

Steam digital gift cards are perfect. Summer is the best time to grab these as Dad will get great discounts on games, making this value much further than the purchase price. The Steam summer sale will be right around Father's Day, and he can check off those games on his wishlist and get a good bang for the bucks you spend. Humble Bundle and GOG are also great options with some decent sales around the same time frame. Pay what you want and let Dad catch the perfect deals simultaneously.

Dad will look rad as Iron Man in this wrap-around blanket featuring a favorite Marvel character. Perfect for cozy gaming on a cold day, with open sleeves to keep your hands free for the controller.

Ok, seriously, this is so cool. Turn your Dad into Iron Man for Father's Day with this comfy blanket with sleeves where they'll feel like the most comfortable superhero and look the part. Celebrate their love for Marvel with a sweet throw blanket that will pair well with some other items on the list to get them the ultimate comfort setup for a relaxing Father's Day. He can even do some light cosplay around the house and truly step into the superhero he really is.

Sonic The Hedgehog is now on Crocs. You can run –or relax– in comfort with this collaboration. Gotta go fast to grab these. With breathable comfort and Jibbitz customizations of characters perfect for adding to your shoes, these are a great addition to your shoe collection.

Gotta go fast and grab these while they're in stock. Comfort is the name of the game, and being comfortable while showing off his favorite Hedgehog will have your father feeling like he can move at the speed of sound. Seriously though, Crocs are a great, quick gift. Find the perfect color or collaborative style, and Dad will thank you as he walks around the house and maybe even outside with his new Crocs. Don't forget to add some Jibbitz of his favorite Sonic (or Mario or Spider-Man) characters.

Immerse your Dad in the game with the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. Powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech he'll be able to hear exactly where the enemy footsteps are coming from, with the sound coming from every direction. He'll be impressed by the sound quality and accessibility.

Let your dad block out the family for a little while and get immersed in the game he's trying to complete. If he's not gaming, these headphones can be used on the go as well while doing things around the house, going shopping, exercising, or avoiding it all for a chance to relax and listen to that dad playlist you made him. These headphones are the perfect blend of sounding good and looking good, with 3D audio when connected to your PlayStation that he will love and the ability to Bluetooth connect to other products. Easy-to-access buttons on the sides make for quick muting and accessible controls for when he needs to mute quickly due to all the family sounds in the background.

A throne fit for a King, the Titan Evo Secretlab chairs provide comfort for work or play. Whether in your office or in front of the tv screen, the Secretlab chair is one of the most comfortable in the industry. With options for the perfect fabric style for you, long-lasting durability, and unique chair designs, you'll have this special chair for years to come. Grab one of the special edition chairs from his favorite series.

Have your father sit In style and comfort with the Secretlab gaming chair. I'd recommend a designed chair with their Softweave plush fabric to give your dad extra layers of padding and comfort without worrying about sweating from sitting in leather-style gaming chairs for hours on end. Best of all, you can grab Dad a design from his favorite series or franchise to sit on their own throne at work or at home. Be careful not to let him fall into that infamous dad nap with the comfort of the Secretlab chair holding him.

Get Dad the perfect set of collectible playing cards with Magic: The Gathering. With tons of different art styles to choose from, and a game that can be played together, start his collection off right with his very own MTG set.

Collecting cards never gets old. While I'm personally partial to Pokemon, the perfect pack may be MTG. You know your dad best, and if you don't know which he'd like, grab a cool collection of Magic: The Gathering cards because he'll appreciate the cool art either way. Bonus points for grabbing a set with an art style you'll know he loves. Couple this with the ability to collect and trade cards or even a fun game and hobby to start together, and that time will be even more rewarding.

Collecting doesn't need to be expensive and exclusive. The best collection items can be Amiibo from Nintendo. If your dad is a Zelda fan, grab him this elusive Link Amiibo from Tears of the Kingdom to

Maybe trading cards aren't his thing, but your dad enjoys games and collectibles. Definitely grab him an amiibo figure. With the popularity and great reviews of Tears of the Kingdom, if he's a fan of the series, he'll appreciate adding this Link figure to his collection. It's a great budget choice for his desk or shelf at work or home too.

Staring at a screen all day as you age can be a bit grating. No one wants to strain their eyes or be obliterated by the midday sun. These GUNNAR blue light gaming and computer glasses block both UV Rays and harmful blue light to allow Dad to game for hours on end in comfort and save his eyesight at the same time.

I'm not claiming your Dad is old, but there's never a right time to protect his eyesight. If he's constantly on a computer or gaming as much as he can, you might want to invest in getting him some gamer glasses. With blue light tint for hours in front of the screen and UV protection from the sun, he will wear these sleek glasses everywhere. If you really want to seal the deal, grab the Tony Stark-style frames from the official website to tie with the other gifts on this list.

Xbox Design Lab allows you to create and personalize your very own Xbox Wireless Controller. The perfect gift for Father's Day is a personalized wireless controller that can be used on multiple devices, keeping Dad happy playing games with a controller that reflects his personality.

Whether it's his favorite sports team, game series, or even just his favorite colors, a customized Xbox Wireless controller from Xbox will be his new favorite accessory. Create in-depth customization from back grips to designs and personal additions to fit his gaming needs. You can even design these controllers after his favorite games with special design lab options for recent releases. Create a one-of-a-kind gift that's not only a wireless controller useable with multiple devices but also a work of art to add to his gaming collection. He'll love this personalized piece.

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