Oct 24, 2023

These White Sneakers Let You Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

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Every man needs at least one pair of white sneakers. They're the shoe that goes with just about everything—you can wear them with jeans, shorts, dress pants, khakis. You can wear them to the bodega or the office or the beach or dinner. So long as they aren't too scuffed and gray, white sneakers are a classy classic that can make you look a lot sharper than a sneaker of any other color can.

For something that makes you look expensive and tasteful, white sneakers are pretty damn affordable. Sure, you have your luxe designer pairs for hundreds of bucks, but you also have infallible icons that have withstood the test of time (and many, many trend cycles). Adidas, for instance, has sleek Gazelles and sporty Stan Smiths, two styles that round out any wardrobe. Reebok has a cool vintage-inspired pair, New Balance knows that the dad shoe is more in than ever, and Cariuma makes some of the comfiest and most versatile kicks on the market.

There's a wide range of white kicks you can shop, but the ones here are all under $100. Looking sharp doesn't have to feel expensive.

What's more classic than a pair of white Nikes? These are versatile as hell, meaning whether you pair them with jeans, shorts, or even chinos, you can step out in confidence.

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SB Force 58 Premium Skate Shoes


Ah, the iconic Stan Smith. These are comfy chameleons that pair with...probably most of the things you own.

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Stan Smith Low Top Sneakers


Or, you could go for the Gazelles. Still Adidas, but with a sleeker, more casual, lifestyle-oriented shape—perfect for walking and chilling.

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Gazelle Sneakers


For a canvas look, stick to an all-time fave like Converse. These are minimalist, sure, but they're comfortable as hell and get the job done when you need something casual to slip on.

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Jack Purcell Canvas Shoes


If it's a favorite of Ashton Kutcher, why wouldn't it be a favorite of ours? Cariumas might just be the most cushiony, cloud-like shoes on the market, and it doesn't hurt that they're pretty stylish, too.

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OCA Low Sneakers


Easy, breezy, stylish, and currently under 50 bucks.

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Classic Low Top Sneakers


I know, I know—these are closer to off-white, but they're so damn stylish, I couldn't not add them to the list. The dad shoe has gotten a trendy revamp in recent years, so wearing these out of function means you're also fashionable.

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574 Shoes


Banana Republic does plain white kicks with the same timeless elegance they do everything else with.

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Sometimes, boat shoes aren't the way to go—but by no means does that mean you should have to give up wearing your Sperrys.

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Striper II CVO Core Sneakers


Simple enough to be dressed up or dressed down, these are the versatile, every day sneakers your wardrobe needs.

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Royale Eco Canvas Sneakers


Skater or not, Vans are a cool, casual shoe for all of life's adventures. Or just for running errands.

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Old Skool Classic Tumble Shoes


Vintage has never been more in, so Reebok's white, retro kicks are a welcome addition to the most stylish of wardrobes.

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Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers


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