Mar 21, 2023

Isuzu celebrates after producing 100,000th N

June 6, 2023Pretty Much a Press Release

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America produced its 100,000th gasoline-powered Isuzu N-Series truck on June 5, and gathered everyone in its Builtmore Contract Manufacturing facility in Charlotte, Mich., to celebrate. The production milestone comes less than five years after the 50,000th gas-powered N-Series truck was built in Charlotte.

"This is a testament to the increasing popularity of our gasoline-powered N-Series offerings, which can be attributed in large part to the outstanding quality our partners at Builtmore build into every truck," said Shaun C. Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America and Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada.

Since April 2011, all Isuzu N-Series gas trucks for the U.S. and Canada markets have been assembled in Charlotte by Builtmore, the go-to-market brand of The Shyft Group.

"We want to acknowledge and thank the team at Isuzu for the success we’ve been able to achieve together over the past 12 years," said Daryl Adams, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Shyft Group. "We are proud to serve Isuzu as a cost-effective and flexible manufacturing partner for their N-Series and F-Series programs helping support their continued growth in the medium-duty truck market."

Isuzu N-Series gas trucks are powered by a 6.6-liter General Motors V8 engine that produces 350 horsepower at 4,500 rpm and generates 425 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,800 rpm.

The Class 3 and 4 NPR and NPR-HD models employ a GM 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission while the Class 5 NQR and NRR are equipped with an Allison 1000 Rugged Duty Series six-speed automatic gearbox. Both transmissions are noted for their reliability and smooth power delivery.

Builtmore also assembles the Cummins B6.7 diesel-powered Class 6 and 7 Isuzu FTR, FVR Derate and FVR at the Charlotte facility.

"Back in August 2018, I said that we were looking forward to the next 50,000 gas-powered N-Series trucks coming out of Charlotte," said Skinner. "We’re very fortunate that—thanks to our loyal customers, our excellent dealer partners, and our assembly team at Builtmore—those next 50,000 arrived so quickly. We truly are looking forward to the next 100,000, and who knows? They may be assembled sooner than anyone could predict."