Sep 21, 2023

Customers Have Been Begging For Starbucks' New Summer Drinks Forever

As if we weren't already excited for summer, we now have another reason to look forward to the season. According to an Instagram post shared by @Snackolator, Starbucks will be releasing Frozen Lemonade Refreshers at the end of this month.

"Starbucks has new Frozen Lemonade Refreshers in June and they look absolutely delicious! Launching in June are three flavors of frozen lemonade: Strawberry Açaí, Pineapple Passionfruit & Mango Dragonfruit. These are each blended with real fruit and lemonade and then layered with strawberry puree," @Snackolator revealed.

With warm temps ahead, we're sure you're already eager to cool down with a Frozen Lemonade Refresher, but there is a bit of uncertainty about an exact release date for the drink.

"I've seen some say this is coming out in late June and then I saw a store specific post as if they're available now so they're coming soon but I'm not positive exactly when - be on the lookout for them," @Snackolator added.

Regardless, there's still a great deal of excitement in the comments section of the Frozen Lemonade Refreshers reveal. "Oh my….these look so good! Can't wait to try em," one person wrote.

Another commenter said they work at Starbucks, and the drinks are already for sale: "as a barista worker i been makin these for ppl!!"

There were others who let it be known that they've been making their own take on the drink for years.

"Hey took my last 180 orders and put it on the menu… where's credit where credit is due," another person added.

What Frozen Lemonade Refresher are you most eager to try? We've definitely got our eyes on the Strawberry Açaí!

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