Oct 22, 2023

Best shoe crease protector 2023: Our top picks

Keep your sneakers crease-free!

Knowing how to get creases out of your sneakers is useful, but what if you could avoid the hassle altogether? Fortunately, our list of the best shoe crease protectors has you covered.

Crease protectors, also known as guards or shields, are designed to support the toe boxes of your shoes to stop them from bending and, as a result, creasing.

This is handy as the likes of sneaker protector sprays can only help keep your shoes dirt-free. Creases, on the other hand, are almost impossible to avoid without crease protectors once you start to wear your new kicks regularly.

So, if you're interested in picking up your own guards, then our list of top picks, based on price, reviews, and features, should be the ideal place to kick off your search.

What features are we talking about? Well, these Crep Protect Sneaker Guards, for instance, come with gel-infused pads for added comfort, plus a series of holes in the protectors themselves to increase breathability.

We've also picked out guards that are designed to be re-used indefinitely, so you can keep your shoes crease-free over the course of their lifespan.

So, without further delay, here's our list of the best shoe crease protectors around right now...

We're kicking things off with these Crep Protect Sneaker Guards which, as touched on in the intro, come with a ton of great features to keep your shoes free from creases.

First and foremost, they're made from a rigid material designed to hold the shape of your shoes. However, the toe box area features several perforations to maintain a flow of air in and out of your kicks.

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To further maintain freshness, the protectors have been infused with a tropical scent, thus meaning these guards double up as a shoe deodorizer as well.

Finally, as mentioned before, the inside layer features gel-tech for added cushioning. Also, you can trim the guards down to size if needed, thus making these Crep Protect guards well worth considering in our opinion.

If you're after a slightly cheaper alternative though, then we'd suggest checking out these JOMBOFUN Shoe Crease Protectors.

In our opinion, what makes this guard set great value is that you can choose between a pack of either four or six pairs. This should have you covered if you were looking to protect your entire shoe collection from creases.

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Not only that, but JOMBOFUN specifically highlights its protectors as being effective for Air Force 1s, Jordan 1s, and even Nike Dunks, thus covering some of the most popular sneakers around right now.

Design-wise, JOMBOFUN boasts its guards are made from high-quality PE and TPR materials to make them durable, washable, and high-temperature-resistant. They also feature vent holes to maintain airflow, meaning there's plenty to like about these particular crease protectors.

Continuing with the multi-pack theme, the Vsonker Shoe Crease Protectors come as a set of four, thus giving you plenty of guards to cover your sneaker collection.

Once again, these protectors are made from PE and TPR material, plus they feature 26 venting holes designed to keep the insides of your shoes dry whilst you wear them. We'd say this is particularly useful when you're out and about in your best sneakers for summer on a warm day.

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Vsonker also states its guards are trimmable. With auxiliary cutting lines already in place, you can freely adjust the size of the protectors to fit into whatever size of shoes you own.

With all this in mind, we'd say it's definitely worth checking out these crease protectors from Vsonker.

If you only have a couple of sneakers you need to keep crease-free, then perhaps a smaller two-pack set is your answer.

These +Protect guards, in particular, look to be a great pick as they're said to be made from a lightweight, rigid material, plus they come in both men's and women's sizes.

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That said, their sizing is said to be adjustable, giving an almost one-size-fits-all situation to these protectors.

It's also worth mentioning they come with ventilation holes as well to reduce humidity inside your kicks. Overall, we'd say these +Protect guards are definitely worth checking out if a smaller set is what you're looking for.

Choosing the right crease protector can be tricky and may lead to some questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

Right from the moment you put on a new pair of sneakers, the material will start to bend and, in turn, could result in permanent creases.

Leather shoes are perhaps the biggest culprit for creasing and are pretty much impossible to avoid when you wear them regularly.

As a result, we'd argue there's no better way to stop your shoes from creasing than with a set of crease protectors, thus making them worth it.

Not only that, but the guards are relatively inexpensive to pick up, meaning you shouldn't really be breaking the bank when purchasing a set.

To play devil's advocate, there are ways to remove creases from your shoes once they're there, but why get to that point if you can just reduce the risk of creases in the first place?

So, in short, we'd say shoe crease protectors are well worth considering.

Crease protectors tend to be made from PE and TPR and, therefore, should last.

So, if used appropriately, you should find you're able to reuse your crease guards time and time again without having to replace them.

This means they could last years, with the only real need to change them being if they break, you misplace one, or if they lose their rigidity and can no longer support the toe boxes of your shoes.

Yes, you can wear your shoes with crease protectors inside them. In fact, all the ones we've selected are designed to be used when your sneakers are in-use.

To make them suitable for this, many guards come with additional padding and ventilation holes to reduce humidity inside your shoes.

That being said, we'd also recommend keeping crease protectors inside your shoes when not in use to hold the material in place and keep the toe boxes supported.

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