Dec 26, 2023

50 Genius Things Under $30 On Amazon That Make You Look So Much Better With Almost No Effort

Better on a budget? You bet.

Some things that make me feel good honestly just take way too much time (like picking out accessories to look put together or doing anything with my hair). Luckily, there are a ton of things on Amazon to help me feel better by helping me look better with little to no effort. No worries about completely skipping parts of my getting ready routine here.

These things are pretty much effort-free, and better yet, they’re super cheap — like $30 and under cheap.

You apply this tinted lip oil just like a gloss, so it's completely mess-free when you apply it and when it's hanging out in your makeup bag. This slick, glossy oil is packed with apple water to soften your lips and a bunch of botanical extract. It gives your kisser a subtle pink tint, which is why this budget-friendly buy is a best-seller on Amazon.

This bump eraser is basically a super easy-to-use body exfoliator that's perfect for keratosis pilaris or any bumps or rough patches that annoy you. It has glycolic acid, lactic acid, and pumice buffing beads built right in, so it will easily take care of unwanted bumps or basic weekly deep exfoliating. This scrub is free of alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, and other unwanted ingredients.

This cold-pressed castor oil is such a versatile find — you’ll reach for it during your haircare, skincare, and even your brow and lash care routine. This super moisturizing, hydration oil with a ton of fatty acids also comes in a big bottle, so you’ll only need one for stronger and softer hair, cleaner skin, and longer lashes.

You’ll reach for this budget-friendly fabric shaver way more often than you think because it will freshen up all of those pilly sweaters, giving older clothes new life. You can adjust the mesh on the front to gently remove all of the annoying fuzz, no matter how delicate the pieces in your closet are. As a bonus, this battery-operated shaver also works great on worn furniture upholstery.

This mattifying setting spray is the easiest way to finish off your makeup routine because you simply spritz on this lightweight mist instead of bothering with a brush and powder. The makeup-setting formula will also fix any smudging, oiliness, or whatever annoying makeup situation you run into halfway through the day.

Pop one sheet of these skin-protecting pimple patches in each of your skincare, travel, and everyday bags. It's super easy to peel off and stick a hydrocolloid patch right on top of an unwanted spot no matter where you are because they’re translucent and barely noticeable. They also white when it's time to pull them off and work to reduce redness and puss in blemishes in about six hours.

This exfoliating brush is the perfect shower add-on because it helps out with ingrown hairs, uncomfortable dry skin, razor bumps, and even your spray tan prep. It has a colorful pattern to make it look a bit more aesthetic in your shower, and this lightweight brush has a little handle for easier grip.

If you love going braless, these nipple covers are the ones to reach for. They’re a best-seller on Amazon, with over 23,000 five-star reviews, thanks to their completely seamless and reusable design. You can simply rinse the seamless and super comfy silicone before popping them back in the chic and protective travel case.

This seriously nourishing nail strengthener works hard to strengthen thin nails, which helps to prevent cracks, splits, and chips. Reviewers note that nails that were previously brittle get stronger and harder in as little as a few days. Just massage it into your nails two or three times a day. This cream has the added benefit of conditioning and softening cuticles.

This six-pack of hoop earrings will make all of your outfits look elevated with the trendy shapes that you won't get tired of styling. You get twisted, chunky, even croissant-style hoops, and more with this 14-karat gold-plated pack. They’re also super lightweight, so they’re perfect for those days when you don't feel like wearing earrings.

This pack of on-trend lip glosses has a buttery finish that looks way more elevated than the sticky-finish glosses you may have in your bag right now. You can also change up your usual sheer gloss look by applying enough of these dessert-scented glosses to build up a medium-coverage finish that will easily pass as lipstick.

To use these thermal rollers, simply add them to slightly damp hair, heat up the ceramic lining with your hairdryer, and these chic rollers will add volume and curls to your hair. They help by slowly cooling down your hair, so those waves will be seriously set. You also won't need to use any dent-causing clips; the material grips to itself and your hair.

This wearable mask is just like those gel eye masks that feel so luxurious, but it covers your entire face in those cooling gel beads. Simply find a spot for it in the fridge or freezer, and it will be a seriously easy de-puffing step to reach for right before your skincare routine. You can also microwave it for a relaxing mask after a long day.

This eyelash curler with replaceable pads is easy and comfortable to use, thanks to the 45-degree arc that works on all eye shapes and the hinge that helps you apply just the right amount of pressure. It even comes with a satin bag, so you can save this easy-to-use stainless steel curler from getting covered in spilled foundation or other makeup.

This cleansing facial mask actually comes in a unique powder form that feels super expensive and more luxurious than a classic mask. Even with the delicate powder formula, it's easy and surprisingly mess-free to apply. Simply dip a damp cotton pad and sweep this oil-absorbing powder with kaolin clay and zinc oxide wherever you need to unclog pores or get rid of unwanted shininess.

This brow pencil is one of the easiest swaps to elevate your makeup bag because the micro pencil design makes it so easy to create the perfect brow shape, whether you’re looking for a fuller look or that on-trend minimalist brow. This seriously precise pencil also has a matte finish that looks expensive and a built-in spoolie to help blend your makeup and fluff up your brows.

This hair mask gives your locks a nourishing keratin treatment, which helps to make your hair look shinier and feel softer. It is infused with vitamin E for shininess and repairing omegas to really amp up how much this easy-to-apply mask feels like an expensive treatment.

No matter where you apply this luxurious tinted makeup balm, this multi-stick will leave behind a shimmery finish that looks so chic. The creamy formula and easy-to-use twist-up stick make it so easy to add color to your eyeshadow look, use as a blush, or even blend it onto your lips.

Instead of reaching for a time-consuming pumice stone, pull on these sock-style foot masks that will exfoliate and take care of dry skin without any scrubbing. You only have to keep these easy-to-wear masks on for an hour once while the fruit extracts and acids help out your skin. After that, painful calluses and dry skin will peel away for up to two weeks after you wear them, leaving you with sandal-ready feet.

You can go ahead and skip a few moisturizing haircare steps now and then if you pop this mulberry silk pillowcase on your pillow because it keeps all of the natural oils and hydration in your hair. The machine-washable and silky design also helps you avoid those annoying creases on your face in the morning that make makeup application a little more complicated.

Instead of ignoring smeared deodorant on your top when you’re getting ready, keep this compact sponge around. Not only is this little pink sponge is the quickest way to take care of all of those annoying deodorant marks without any water, but it's also completely reusable, so you can use it on your clothes every single day.

This moisturizing cream is such a quick skincare fix for those dry and rough spots on your hands or elbows, thanks to its nourishing and protective formula. You can even use this provitamin B5 hydrating cream as a face mask or moisturizing makeup remover to simplify your entire routine.

This brow glue makes it such a quick process to create clean and full brows because it has a completely transparent formula. It's tacky enough when you’re applying it to shape brows into that on-trend fluffy shape, but it also leaves behind a waterproof finish that isn't sticky yet holds for 16 hours.

This sunscreen will take care of your usual concealer, foundation, and powder step all it once. It's tinted for some coverage, pluse it comes packed with calming and restorative ceramides and niacinamide as well as hyaluronic acid to really hydrate your skin. It also has a super lightweight finish, so not only is the SPF 30 quicker than makeup, but it will feel a lot better.

This wax stick is everywhere right now, and it's because it helps give you a sleek and super moisturized hairstyle, whether you want a slicked back bun or frizz-free day with your hair down. The unique plant ingredients (like avocado oil) and beeswax can give you that flyaway-free look or add a bit of shininess all over your hair when you’re wearing it down. Plus, the stick design is so easy to apply.

This double-sided tape is such an easy way to be comfier in your clothes, so you’ll reach for those strappy (or strapless) tops more often. They’re small enough to stick onto slim straps to keep them secure on your shoulder or even on the back of layered necklaces that get tangled up. Nobody will notice the tape either way, because it's 100% transparent. Plus, it won't leave a bunch of gross glue when you peel it off of your favorite pieces.

If you love super smooth skin under your makeup or skincare products, or you simply prefer removing peach fuzz, reach for this budget-friendly pack of facial razors. These easy-to-use razors are super sharp and precise — but don't worry, the super aesthetic design comes with little covers to store them in your skincare drawer.

These unique outfit clips are an easy way to change up your favorite oversized tee or even your go-to dress. They simply cinch the back of whatever piece you’re wearing if you’re going for a fitted look that day. But don't worry — the plastic teeth are super gentle on your clothing, even delicate cardigans and cotton tops.

This concealer a super unique and gentle sponge on top to easily dot it on under your eyes or use as a contouring stick. It's also crease-resistant, so you can apply it in a hurry without thinking about lines or a cakey feeling later. Plus, it's moisturizing enough to help out with dry and painful spots.

This hydrating hair oil with galanga root extract, borage oil, and more is also an easy go-to as a moisturizing heat and UV protectant on your hair. Not only will this hair oil look super aesthetic on your countertop, but it also comes in an easy pump bottle to add a ton of shine, softness, and frizz-protection to your hair before you leave the house with barely any effort.

This nail polish remover pen is such an easy way to take care of polish that drips or accidentally smears onto the side of your finger. It comes with two precise tips, so you can quickly sweep this pen around your nails and cuticles for perfectly crisp polish that looks like a pro did it. Plus, with the refillable design, you can pour in your go-to remover over and over again.

These ‘90s-inspired claw clips are easier and better than reaching for a plain hair band when you want to toss your hair up because they are so durable (and trendy!). Maybe that's why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 7,000 total reviews. These fan-favorite accessories are lightweight and nonslip and come in a variety of neutral and light colored tones.

This tubing mascara is all about fixing the dreaded mascara flakes and smears under your eyes at the end of the day. The water-resistant and fade-resistant formula also adds a ton of length and individually wraps your lashes in makeup, which prevents clumping. Best of all? This mascara is super budget-friendly.

This toothpaste is such an effortless way to remove stains from your teeth. The peppermint oil-flavored formula is completely free of harsh ingredients like peroxide but it does have strengthening xylitol. It's even infused with vitamin B12, which has a host of benefits for your body. Plus, this vegan, pH-balancing toothpaste is sweetened with stevia, so you won't mind using it every day.

This rosehip seed oil is an easy and cheap add-on to your skincare routine that will help out with a ton of things, like moisturizing, brightening, and evening out your complexion. It can even help out your haircare routine because it takes care of split ends or any dryness. It's finished off with vitamins A and C and a quick-absorbing texture to make it quick to use.

This pack of thongs is one of the easiest ways to elevate outfits that you already have because the seamless fit won't show through your skirts, leggings, or pants. They’re made of lightweight and seriously stretchy mesh fabric, and each one has a built-in cotton lining to make this breathable pack even comfier.

Obviously, these moisturizing eye masks will make your under eyes look refreshed after you take them off, but they’ll also look pretty chic when you’re wearing them. They’re made with 24-karat gold, glycerin, vitamin C, and vitamin E to brighten sensitive, easily tired-looking under-eye skin. These de-puffing sparkly masks are also durable enough to keep in the fridge if you love cooling eye masks.

Instead of adding another annoying and time-consuming step when you want a little bronze glow, simply grab this easy-to-use self-tanner that shows serious results in as little as three days. The streak-free formula is built right into a coconut oil and vitamin E-infused body moisturizer, so you can easily tan whenever you do your usual moisturizer routine.

This tea tree shampoo will seriously elevate hair-washing day because the tingling peppermint will feel and smell so much better than your usual shampoo routine, especially for those with easily irritated scalps or oily locks. It will deep-clean your scalp and hair, and the super cooling formula is finished off with lavender leaves for a calming touch.

Keep these lip balms next to your go-to facial sunscreen because they have SPF 30 to finish off your daily sunblock routine. Each one has aloe vera and vitamin E to add a bunch of moisture, just like your usual balm. Plus, this three-pack means you have enough of these fruity lip balms to keep one close by at all times and reapply throughout the day.

This necklace set is such a quick way to accessorize your outfit every day because it comes with two dainty necklaces that you’ll know will look chic together. Each one has 18-karat gold plating to make this layered set look extremely expensive, all while being a budget-friendly and super durable everyday option.

This brightening vitamin C serum has a bunch of helpful ingredients, like witch hazel, vitamin E, and even hyaluronic acid, to pack in a bunch of other skincare perks like hydration, evening out skin tone, and plumping. There's even jojoba oil and aloe vera to make this quick serum super calming, which is why this fan-favorite has over 79,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This easy-to-apply holographic nail polish will easily fit right in with all of the nail trends out there, and you can completely avoid a time-consuming nail appointment. The chip-resistant holographic design changes from a sleek black to a glittery red when you move in the light, but if that isn't your vibe, this polish comes in over 400 other shades.

These scrunchies have a satin fabric and an adorable fluffy and oversized design that will always look chicer than a classic hair tie. That glossy finish isn't just stylish, it also helps to protect your hair from frizz and breakage. This pack will also feel surprisingly secure, no matter which minimalist color or trendy pattern you grab that day.

This glitter has super chunky pieces that will seriously save time when you want a sparkly makeup moment. (So you can toss that annoying glitter eyeshadow.) The metallic pack, which is available in over 20 colors, also comes with a mix of sizes and shapes to make it versatile for your makeup looks, body glitter, or even a sparkly hair accent.

This best-selling shoe cleaner is such an easy way to make sure that your shoes elevate your look because the concentrated formula will get rid of any dirt or grime, whether your shoes are leather, nuback, suede, canvas, or some other material. It comes with a super sturdy brush, so you can make shoe-cleaning day quick and easy.

This cleansing oil comes in an aesthetic little bottle that will make your double-cleansing routine way more adorable. The actual oil takes care of your makeup so quickly that it will cut down on scrubbing time. It's also unscented, so you can scrub away mascara without irritating or overwhelming fragrances.

This jewelry cleaner comes with a little built-in tray, so dunking your favorite pieces in the revitalizing solution isn't a huge messy process. When your go-to trendy pieces are finished soaking, the tray works as a secure spot to scrub them with the included jewelry brush before rinsing.

This eyeshadow palette comes with 40 highly-pigmented colors that range from neutral browns to bright rainbow shades of pink, green, and yellow. Despite having a ton of options, this palette is small enough to still fit in your makeup bag at just 8 inches wide. If you’re new to the world of blending eyeshadow looks, it's hard to beat the sub-$10 price tag, too.

Instead of skipping your post-shower hair routine because it takes a bunch of time, keep this pack of frizz-reducing hair towels to make it way quicker and easier. The stretchy loops make them feel secure, while the quick-drying microfiber fabric takes care of your hair without a bunch of effort.

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