Apr 28, 2023

10 Rose Accessories to Shop

10 rose-embellished pieces we love.

Once in a while, I will stumble across a TikTok that sends me down a several-month-long experiment: they have inspired me to learn to DJ, finally get into Gregg Araki films, bleach my eyebrows, and give giant beans a chance. My latest sartorial obsession was sparked by a genius with a box of ribbon and rose chokers. Think: the shoe string necklaces we all wore in 2015, but more Marie Antoinette and less me shotgunning a Rolling Rock in a liberal arts dorm. She had a necklace for every occasion and color scheme: a classic red rose with a black ribbon, pink on pink, cream, white lace, gold organza. Naturally, I immediately ordered 15 different types of vintage ribbons from eBay for $5.99 (99 cents for the ribbon, $5 for shipping), gathered my silky scraps of fabric from various thrift store DIYs, and spent an evening crafting my own collection using this tutorial.

Since my rose choker episode, my floral accessory obsession has only expanded. Every so often, fashion will fixate on an object, animal, or shape we all doodled in our algebra notebooks. There were the Y2K butterflies, stars, and cherries. Who can forget the hipster bird trend? Gen Z's thing for mushrooms? Between Burberry's buzzy rebrand and it-girl favorite Sandy Liang's latest collection, roses are in the zeitgeist. Whether you are dabbling in French regency-core or want to subtly rep the DSA, they are the perfect easy addition to an existing outfit. While you could always go the DIY route, we’ve gathered our favorite rose accessories for those less prone to TikTok-fueled fits of creation.

Whether she's on your wrist or in your hair, this little rosette hair tie demonstrates the power of the smallest accessory to transform an outfit into a look.

Jonathan Anderson hit the perfect balance between playful surrealism and elegant sophistication with this rose-heel pump.

Not only is this piece utterly unique, it is designed by the emerging woman-founded, sustainability-minded brand, Dauphinette.

This choker is Y2K TheSimple Life-core perfection.

Put a rose on it! But actually—this is a gorgeously versatile brooch that can take your little black dress or men's dress shirt to new heights.

Of course Susan Alexandra has the perfect cheeky and nostalgic purse that is perfect for days you want the accessories to do the talking.

This little hair clip is so delicate and pretty, it can serve as room decoration sitting on top of your vanity or bedside table when you aren't wearing it.

A super adorable take on the ribbon and rose chokers currently dominating it-girl mood boards.

There is something so alluring about the bold maximalism of a bright yellow heel that features both a rose and a piercing. This edgy retro eclecticism is why many mourn Alessandro Michele's departure from Gucci.

Tie your hair in it, wind it around your neck, wrap it around your waist—a good statement sash is always a worthy investment.

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