Aug 03, 2023

Bunnings shopper’s sneaker cleaning hack using Glitz Sugar Soap Foam Spray goes viral on Facebook

An Aussie mum has wowed shoppers with a "miracle" cleaning hack for sneakers, using a very unlikely Bunnings buy.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the mother revealed how she used Glitz Sugar Soap Spray Foam - which retails for just $3.29 at Bunnings - to transform her children's dirty shoes.

Posting before and after photos of the sneakers, the woman went on to reveal how the product made their shoes look as "good as new".

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"So today I stumbled across a little hack that saved my (life and sanity) from my 11-year-old daughter," she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

"It was a beautiful day with family enjoying our Easter festivities, when we had finished I hear my daughter going off about how she got her new Vans all muddy (who wears new vans to the park after all this rain).

"But anyone with an 11-year-old daughter will know you can't tell them anything!

"So I get home, find anything lying around I can use to save my soul."

In the end, the mum said she "stumbled" across a can of Glitz Sugar Soap Spray Foam she had stored at home and decided to give it a go.

"So I sprayed them up and grabbed a Huggies [baby] wipe to just test the waters and to my amazement (and prayers answered) it came up good as new," she said.

"I even did the toddler's shoes because he used his as gum boots.

"So happy daughter, happy mum, and didn't even have to take my a** to the shops!"

She added: "It was almost too easy to do lol it even came off the shoelaces too, and under $5 a can. Winning!"

Thousands of Facebook users responded to the post, with many vowing to give the hack a go.

"Wow! Thank you! These are my five-year-old's favourite shoes," one said.

"We buy the next size up every time he grows out of them and I hate how they don't stay white for long. Can't wait to try this!"

Wrote another: "OMG fantastic! Thank you so much for this post!! My husband is a Vans obsessed man and he is always soaking them or putting them in our washing machine."

A third added: "Thank you so much! I have five kids who I prefer to buy good shoes for, and they get dirty very fast.

"I grabbed a can today and have thoroughly sprayed them all… now chucking them in the washing machine. Fingers crossed!"

The mum added that the hack works on other sneakers as well.

"I did it on my other sons white leather converses. Came up exactly the same," she said.